Haven’t men struggled hard enough to make their wardrobes more colourful? The concept of colour has often been so strictly gender-associated that men have to often limit themselves while buying colours.

Even with new brands introducing more and more variety of prints and patterns, it is found that the majority of men like to play safe and not experiment with colours.

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Most men mistake dressing up for being too gay. Well, as much as there is a misconception about fashion and men, one needs to know that dressing up is more of a self-love and appreciation irrespective of one’s sexuality or orientation. 

Here are 5 colours that can easily be substituted for the traditional blacks and whites, without feeling the stress of having over-done. 

1. Blue:

Well, blue has been traditionally associated with boys for long, however the silver lining here is that there are more than just a single shade of blue! The gorgeous blue comes in a variety of shades and can be as bright as a neon blue or sky blue to as deep and mellow as navy blue! Blue does not look gorgeous in formals but is a very royal colour even in ethnic pieces like kurtas.

2. Olive Green:

While most men think that greens are for girls/women, let me break that myth and suggest a gorgeous shade of green for all those super cautious people. Moreover, olive green is an elegant and classy colour not just for your everyday casuals but even formals! You can be surprised how dashing an olive green office suit looks. 


3. Mustard:

Yes! You read that right. Mustard is a very lively colour that can easily help you brighten up your look. Many men are sceptical when it comes to yellows and often overlook the fact that there are elegant and classy shades of yellow that look really good on men of all age groups. However. it specifically looks great in the ethnic wear and is not too bright to make you uncomfortable.

4. Mauve:

If you are wondering what this strange colour is, then let me tell you that it is the milder and more soothing version of the royal and elegant Purple. It is a very gender neutral colour and can easily be worn to office. It looks very elegant and dashing even in ethics. If you haven’t tried then do give a shot at wearing a mauve kurta and pair it with your favourite jeans to experiment with fusion styles!

5. Maroon:

When talking about safe colours to experiment with, one can always rely on the graceful maroon. Maroon is a deep colour that perfectly complements almost all skin tones. Additionally, it is a great option for those who love dark shades. Just like the above shades, this too can be worn for casuals, formals and traditionals.

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When talking about colours, a colour that gets a complimentary mention is the beloved GREY!

Grey comes in beautiful shades with tones ranging across light to dark. You have a lot to pick from!

Hope this list helped you and we would see you shortly at our store experimenting with these colours and adding more pieces to your wardrobe.